Large Cabinet, 16.5 x 12.0 x 8.9 cm
Esmerelda, Sierra Mojada Coahuila, Mexico
Ex. Richard Heck

A solid botryoidal crust of translucent, pastel-green smithsonite with satiny luster has completely flowed over and overgrown its matrix. I particularly like the way the smithsonite is folded over the matrix, tucked in around the edges. This is an impressive smithsonite specimen from a fairly obscure mine from which I have not had specimens before. The color is very unique as well, a pastel daiquiri hue more than anything I would normally call blue-green, though it does have a tint of blue to it. The piece is remarkably pristine all around, except for a slight contact or impact on the top that produced some internal cracking in a very small spot, though not a break per se. It weighs in at nearly 4 pounds!