Atacamite (Gem Crystals)
New Cornwall Mine, Kadina, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, Australia
Miniature, 4.5 x 2.8 x 2.6 cm
An amazing, historic classic with SHARP, electric-green, metallic atacamite crystals perched safely and protectively in a pocket of gossan matrix. This is the very uncommon habit of GEMMY, transparent, elongated crystallization that is seldom seen in the species in this quality - and the best is very old material. This material is EXTREMELY HARD to come by today, as most was mined prior to 1930 or so. Many specimens are turn of the 1900s. To get such fine crystals is hard enough, but pristine ones, in a protected pocket like this...forget about it. I was shocked when I saw this specimen. Usually, the crystals of this habit are all banged up from handling, but these pocket crystals are, instead, pristine and jewel-like in their luster and flash. Again, they are actually gemmy when backlit. Unlike most such examples, this can also be safely sent through the mail. Old material, superb for the species, and seldom seen, this is one of my favorites of the update. From an old collection.