Siderite, Sphalerite
Aggenys Mine, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Small Cabinet, 5.7 x 5.5 x 5.3 cm
An outstanding pseudomorph of Siderite and Sphalerite replacing the original Calcite. This variety of replacement is an epimorph, where the later minerals have formed over and then casted the original crystal, which has now vanished and dissolved away leaving the hollow shell intact. The form is superb, and the color variations between terminations and faces, as well as the metallic luster on some of the crystals, creates a visual splendor and presence not often seen in something non-gemmy - especially in pseudomorphs. This magnificent crystal, about 5.3 cm long, sits absolutely perfect on the matrix, and it is accented by a smaller crystal at the base. Very aesthetic. Ex. Charlie Key.