Serandite With Aegirine
Mont St Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 5.5 x 3.9 cm
This gorgeous specimen is one of the more sculptural and dramatic serandite clusters that I have seen for sale recently, and really just stands out in the case. Note that the crystals are translucent when backlit well. Though there is some contact damage to peripheral crystals and to the aegirines, the 3 major upright crystals are all intact and complete all around. The piece is valued for the quality of the mineral, though, as well as its overall beauty - and I think quite reasonably compared to the going rates I have seen on the very few other serandite clusters of any importance that have been on the market recently (and I handled several of them myself). This is an underappreciated species, to my reckoning, and long after MSH closes people will be considering it an essential part of any fine collection because of the beauty and rarity.