Sakoany (Sankoany) deposit, Katsepy Commune, Mitsinjo District, Boeny Region, Mahajanga (Majunga) Province, Madagascar
Large Cabinet, 28.6 x 24.7 x 17.2 cm
Not only is this a GIANT geode of celestine crystals, but it is an exceptionally GOOD one. What makes it exceptional is that the crystals are of high quality, lustrous and well-terminated. Moreover, the back side of the vug is SOLID CRYSTAL framing a slight window out the backside. If you have light behind it, you can actually see through much of that back wall! In addition to this, the interior contains not only sparkling smaller crystals, but also about a dozen long, GEM CLEAR crystals that really stick up in strong relief (they are much gemmier in person, in fact glass-clear with a light bluish-gray color classic for this locality). Some of them are 3-4 cm. 28.6 x 24.7 x 17.2 cm