Atacamite, Gypsum
Lily Mine (Lilly Mine), Pisco Umay, Ica Department, Peru
Miniature, 4.2 x 4.0 x 2.3 cm
This is a classic, and now very hard to find specimen of Gypsum included and associated with gemmy, DEEP emerald green color, prismatic Atacamite crystals. The main Gypsum crystal is in excellent condition, showing a wonderful "sword"-shaped form, and is nearly water-clear throughout. Some of the Atacamite crystals are suspended inside of the Gypsum, but others are free-standing against the micro Quartz matrix, where they can be backlit to show their amazing color. The piece is in good shape overall, with some minor bruising which does not take away from the appeal or attractiveness. These specimens came from a one-time find at the Lily mine about 7-8 years ago, and are some of the most attractive "new finds" from Peru in recent memory. Ex. Richard Kosnar Collection.