Afghanite, Calcite
Rabot, Koksha Valley (Kokscha; Kokcha), Badakhshan (Badakshan; Badahsan) Province, Afghanistan
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 3.7 x 3.1 cm
This complex alumosilicate is one of the more obscure members of the Cancrinite group, especially in fine quality specimens. Typcially, Afghanite crystals, no matter how saturated the color may be, are opaque. This specimen hosts a rarely seen, very gemmy, and rather sharp, euhedral crystal of Afghanite of a lovely Sapphire blue color jutting out of a massive golden-white Calcite matrix. The termination is completely damage free and there is only one small rub at the base of the crystal. The crystal is about as sharp as I have seen for the species, and the obvious gemminess makes it an impactful and impressive example of this beautiful species. Ex. Brian Kosnar Collection.