Babingtonite on Prehnite
Hongquizhen Quarry, Meigu Co., Liangshan, Sichuan Province, China
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 6.9 x 3.2 cm
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Sparkling, colorless quartz, in crystals to 1.0 cm in length along with botryoidal, green prehnite, form the backdrop for an overhanging tabular, doubly terminated, lustrous crystal of babingtonite that measures 2.2 cm across. very dramatic from a number of angles, it is better in person and a piece I would call "elegant." On the back side are some of the finest crystallized prehnites I have yet seen from this locality, that are on their own merit very beautiful and appealing rosettes of crystals. luster on the babingtonite crystals is high, and the faces are all sharp and unetched or discolored as with some babingtonite from this locality. These remarkable specimens, where even the mid-range material is better than the best of species EVER seen from anywhere else, come out of a very small, previously insignificant quarry that, according to, is simply worked by the local farmers. This is a fine small cabinet specimen that if it were from the old Lane Quarry would have set you back easily triple the price.