Small Cabinet, 8.8 x 6.4 x 4.7 cm
White Queen Mine, San Diego County, California, USA
This is a complete floater, crystallized all around with "etch effects" caused by resorption into solution after the crystal was formed which affected all edges, and masses at 267 grams. In person, this incredibly sparkling specimen glitters like it is made of glass that is covered with sugar, and has the rich pink color of a ripe grapefruit! The shot in a hand shows a view from one side, looking in down the long axis. It is BEAUTIFUL. I have thought other WQ morganites to be aesthetic, nice, colorful, big, etc etc...but I cannot recall ever seeing one that struck me for sheer color and sparkle as being so attractive compared to Brazilian and Afghani material which came out in more recent years. This piece GLOWS when put on a shelf. If I did not personally know this came from a family member of the mine owner who self-collected it with him, I would frankly believe 100% it was an etched morganite from Golconda in Brazil. The WQ is known for generally sharp hexagonal crystals that are usually rather pale in color when compared to Brazilian or Afghan material from modern finds. Not so, this piece. In fact, all the pieces in this little suite have unusually intense color for the mine and the locality. 267 grams.