Hezhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
Cabinet, 12.1 x 7.8 x 6.3 cm

A huge, important specimen with brilliantly blue-green crystals to 1.5 cm festooning a 2-inch vug atop, that wraps around the side. THIS PIECE IS SUPER COLORFUL and flashes when in a case, as the single most intensely colorful piece overall here. I was lucky enough to get this large and be able to trim it up myself to a more reasonable size, emphasizing the geometry of the display pocket atop in the process. As a bonus, there is a second pocket at the base, with slightly larger, but dark crystals. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this specimen - it is the largest, most colorful piece with the most robust crystals in one place I have seen amongst any of the pieces that made it to the US so far in 4 different lots. It GLOWS with color and is extremely significant for the species. It is comparable to a few larger specimens, not as richly covered in glorious blue-green splendor, that I saw priced for 25-50k. And even then, it was just a few pieces available. If this were from Tsumeb it would be a nearly six-figure specimen in my estimation, and comparing it to several Tsumeb pieces I have seen sell in the 20-75k range that had far less overall color impact. Bottom line, this stands out to me as the beast among others here, at least so far as I know to date. More than that, it stands as an important scorodite by any past precedent.