Tremolite Var. Hexagonite
Gouverneur Mine, Fowler, St Lawrence County, New York, USA
Large Cabinet, 17.6 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm
Ex. Charlie Key
This is OFF THE CHARTS (Charlie's favorite phrase for pieces he thinks have real significance!). This specimen hosts a SUPERB, 4.5-inch, translucent, lustrous crystal of hexagonite, the largest I have personally seen and far more importantly the largest that Charlie himself has seen in over 50 years of dealing fine minerals. He told me to put at least 10k on this one, and frankly it is tempting to do so but we tried to amortise things fairly for the non-Kalahari parts of his collection. This is a piece he obtained over 25 years ago, he said, and has kept ever since as part of his suite of "random and interesting American things I really liked." Found in the late 1800s, these were old classics even before the mines were shut down and closed. This is a large, showy, cabinet-sized display piece that has real significance for the state and the mineral.