Forsterite (Peridot)
St. John's Island (now underwater), Red Sea, Egypt
Thumbnail, 2.4 x 2.0 x 0.6 cm
This is a fabulous Peridot crystal from the famous locality for gem and carving grade peridot of ANCIENT times (i.e. as far back as biblical times!). This material is EXTREMELY hard to come by on the market and is in both color and form quite distinct from the much more common Pakistani material mined in the late 1990's. Additionally, the clarity is remarkable for the species; and it allows you to fully appreciate the lovely green color. The luster is superb, and the crystal is nicely terminated. There is a small conchoidal fracture on the backside of the termination (not facing the viewer and not visible in any way from the front) and a larger conchoidal fracture at the center of the lower-rear face (again invisible from front); but otherwise the crystal is complete on the display face and around the sides. FRONT AND BACK PHOTOS ARE SHOWN. It is of remarkable size and is one of the two best I have seen for sale in recent years. It was purchased in the 1980s from dealer Herb Obodda who had obtained it in an old collection (the current collector thinks it was Ex. Swoboda but I have no proof of it). BOTTOM LINE, THIS IS MAJOR!