Shattuckite (polished slice)
Tantara Mine, Shinkolobwe, Kambove, Haut-Katanga, DR Congo
Small Cabinet, 8.6 x 3.1 x 0.6 cm
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Uniquely shaped two sided slab of polished Shattuckite with a natural "eye-hole" that looks like a dragon's head. The piece is lined with a band of dark blue two dimensional fibrous fans along the bottom with a larger dark royal blue sphere cross section, 8 mm, at the end conveniently right at the snout. The Shattuckite filling in between has a mottled appearance of millimeter sized royal blue spheres floating in a light blue sea. All of these colors and textures result in a beautifully colored and textured "canvas" of Shattuckite. This solid high quality polished Shattuckite slice is straight blue fire! 25 grams.