Prehnite stalactite
Djouga diggings, Bendougou, Diakon, Bafoulabé Cercle, Kayes Region, Mali
Cabinet, 11.1 x 5.9 x 4.4 cm
Ex. Rock Currier
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This is a very attractive elongate, almost stalactitic, specimen of Prehnite from Mali. It consists of translucent, apple-green globules and botryoids with a satin luster due to their slightly rough exteriors. The base of the specimen shows more of a botryoidal character to the Prehnite with spheres between 1.2 and 2.2 cm that show more individuality, compared to the the long protrusion emanating from the botryoids that stands about 6 cm tall that is comprised of smaller, more tightly intergrown globules averaging about 1 cm across. It is certainly one of the more unique and sculptural Prehnite specimens from Mali and any incident light causes the entire piece to glow from the interior! This is a very attractive and highly displayable cabinet specimen of a species that is often overlooked in the mineral world. Rock Currier acquired this specimen in 2007 from a large lot of specimens he imported from the Kayes region of Mali. And, in fact, he imported tonnage here and high graded several hundred of them as they went through - he loved them! Try finding a good one on the market now?