Calcite with Manganese Inclusions
Jinhua, Zhejiang Prov., China
Small Cabinet, 5.9 x 3.1 x 2.8 cm
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This is a stunning single crystal of the mesmerizing calcite found in 2019 in a small mine near the town of Jinhua, which has redefined all expectations of Chinese calcite of this style. The crystals have a sharp perfection and a machined look to them, with detailed surface striations that add a subtle complexity to the otherwise simple elongated shape. The manganese dendrites within add character and a little color to the base, which make the shocking clarity of the upper portion all the more impactful. The specimen is actually in very good shape, as most of these had some kind of termination damage when found, even before collecting. This specimen is intact save for only a few tiny surface dings on a few termination edges, which we have chosen not to fill with epoxy due to their insignificance in context, leaving this natural and unrestored. It is literally a jewel of a calcite!