Prehnite and Epidote
Guedigui, Diakon Commune, Bafoulabé Cercle, Kayes Region, Mali
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.2 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Rock Currier

Rock Currier was the primary importer of these gorgeous, unique prehnite combination pieces from Mali, back around 2010-2015, and he cherry-picked this miniature from among thousands that he handled. This one actually came from the previous handpicked collection of a friend of his, who tipped him off to the find (noted on label), and so it really comes through both hands of the people who saw them all. This is a gorgeous, complete 360 degree ball of prehnite perched delicately atop a jackstraw cluster of epidote crystals. The prehnite glows a stunning green translucently when backlit. In person, it has a rich color and a deep impact due to the shape, geometric contrasts, and colors. The photos are shown with some backlighting to exhibit the even translucency throughout. It is a choice miniature, aesthetically — selected quite literally from among thousands.