Sanidine Feldspar
Itrongay, Betroka Dist., Anosy, Madagascar
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.8 x 2.2 cm
Ex. Luis Leite; Jack Halpern
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A full miniature gem crystal of this rare feldspar varietal, that literally sparkles like a crystal worthy of a place next to tourmalines and fancy gem species! These stunning transparent, yellow feldspars are considered by many to be best of species in the size range, for their sharp form and the transparency combined with a unique color for feldspar (this one is so intense, at first glance it looks like a heliodor beryl!). These have come out over many years, and we have seen pieces dated to the early 1900s in the former collection of Jean Behier, a French geologist who brought many out to the market in the mid 1900s. This fits that older style, with a combination of side faces showing the odd patterning effects more often seen in Ukrainian heliodor, combined with broad, flat, frontal faces. Modern material from a few pockets and finds in the 1980s and on looks different - not only in shape and surface texture, but in color saturation as well (more a straw-yellow, not as saturated and intense as the crystal here). This seems to be a complete crystal at first glance, in that there are no signs of modern or mining damage. It looks like it has most of the faces intact, especially on the display face. One edge and bottom show some old contacts or conchoidal breaks that happened in the pocket during its history, but later "healed" with slight overgrowth as they do not look fresh or bright. This is a phenomenal large miniature. It was sold by the famous dealer Lois Leite in the 1980s to Jack Halpern of San Francisco, in whose collection it remained until now. We have only just recently obtained it, cleaned it properly for the first time, and released for sale.