Augelite on Quartz
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Sanchez Carrion Prov., La Libertad, Peru
Small Cabinet, 5.5 x 5.0 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Ramos family collection
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This dramatic and colorful, one inch tall (2.5 cm), sharply formed Augelite crystal stands proudly on a well-trimmed Quartz crystal matrix. It comes from the personal collection of the family who mined the best of them. The crystal is a translucent, bright seafoam-green with gemmy areas and razor-sharp edges that is nicely terminated. It is nestled perfectly amongst more than a dozen glassy, gemmy to translucent, stubby Quartz crystals to 1 cm in length, making for a competitive level aesthetic specimen of this rare phosphate species. These Augelites from Mundo Nuevo are considered the world's best of species, and came out in the mid 2000s from a few small pockets. Well-balanced and great aesthetics, unlike so many. Now, they are hard to find in such size and condition - but they always were. We sold all of our initial specimens years ago and only recently purchased this from the family, long after the time they came out, in a massive chunk of rock - the trim is a lucky bit of work!