Plumbogummite with Pyromorphite (fl)
Laohuan Mine, Goncheng, Guangxi Zhuang, China
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 6.7 x 4.2 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl

The Laohuan Mine in Guangxi, China, actually a series of small, artisanal mines, is home to undoubtedly the world's finest Plumbogummite specimens. This striking combination piece, likely an old-timer (2008-ish), features highly-lustrous, translucent, botryoidal Plumbogummite richly filling two large pockets in the pyromorphite matrix. Associated are numerous clusters of needle-like, medium-green Pyromorphite crystals, and the deep, sky-blue color and botryoidal form of the Plumbogummite contrasts beautifully against the lustrous, green needles of the Pyromorphite. The Pyromorphite even has a yellow-orange fluorescence. This great locality was the featured article in the most recent issue of the Mineralogical Record, V. 53, No. 6. For reference and clarity, this locality for many years was more often labeled as the nearby Yangshuo Mine which, along with the adjoining Daoping Mine, were home to many of China's great Pyromorphite specimens.