Freiberg, Mittelsachsen, Saxony, Germany
Miniature, 3.2 x 1.4 x 0.9 cm
Ex. J. Rukin Jelks
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This is an aesthetic, elongated specimen of lustrous, metallic, dark gray acanthite stacked up in aesthetic form. It is also from the silver district in Germany where the silver species stephanite was first described as a mineral distinct from acanthite; and this is a textbook style and shape for acanthite of the kind you see in old books from the 1800s! German acanthite of quality from the 1700s-1800s is now so rare that we hardly see them outside of old museum collections and books. This antique specimen has a stylish look and feel to it that makes it look antique and beautiful at the same time, and is a dramatic, competition-level thumbnail specimen. From the important thumbnail collection of Joe Jelks, which sold some years ago.