Proano Mine, Fresnillo, Fresnillo Mun., Zacatecas, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 6.3 x 4.2 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Dr. Peter Megaw
$8,500.00 Payment Plan Available
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This piece displays a geometric cascade of Acanthite crystals of rather unique and sculptural form, from the great Fresnillo silver deposit in Mexico. More than shape, the luster here is simply fabulous and very different than most. The Proano Mine, also known as the Fresnillo Mine, is one of the World's largest, richest and continuously operated (500 years!) silver mines! It is best known by collectors for its variety of silver sulfides and sulfosalt minerals, such as hoppered and skeletal style Acanthite specimens. This is a very unusual, intriguing and aesthetic Acanthite specimen in which the lustrous, dark gray metallic Acanthite crystals formed over layers of Goethite forming irregular, platy to slightly three-dimensional crystals; and clusters as well as groups of small, equant Acanthite crystals to 3 mm in places. The reddish brown Goethite shows along the edges and some faces of the more platy crystals. Some of these even show intricate hoppered growth. The entire piece is an aerial latticework of Acanthite with numerous open areas between the crystals. It's a very ornate and sculptural piece! From the collection of Peter Megaw, who has purchased many of these directly at the mines over the years. Comes with a custom lucite base for vertical display. Restored.