Huanggang Mines, Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia A.R. China
Small Cabinet, 9.3 x 8.6 x 7.9 cm
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This is a really impactful aesthetic red-pink Fluorite crystal from the famous Huanggang Mines of China, the Red Pocket of August 2019. This gorgeous, gem, red-pink crystal is a near textbook octahedron measuring a full 9 cm from tip to tip. This razor sharp Fluorite octahedron is gemmy all the way through and exhibits an almost glassy luster, considerably different from the majority of pieces from this find. It also has an incomplete halo of Fluorite octahedrons around the middle that have a similar character to the large crystal and they vary in size from 0.6 to 1.6 cm on edge and add to the aesthetics of the piece. The red-pink color and the gemminess of this piece is just astounding! The top of the octahedron is transparent and one can see right down and through the crystal in most areas. The bottom point along with an adjacent edge are slightly occluded due to the presence of complementing green, hairlike Byssolite inclusions (not too many to be distracting). Overlapping triangular growth patterns on the faces enhances the presentation of this beautiful Fluorite. It fluoresces a light purple in short wave ultraviolet light. This is one of the better red-pink, small cabinet-sized single crystals in terms of gemminess and luster overall, recovered from a single large pocket on August 26-28, 2019, in which the majority of them were a lighter shade of pink. We purchased these ourselves on the ground in China, and I can tell you there is no substitute for comparing the real color and real luster in person - it is impossible to do from photos online. This really is up there at the top of the find in quality, for this size. In 3 years, no more have been found - this was a one shot deal.