Pink Fluorite
Goscheneralp, Goschenen Valley, Uri, Switzerland
Cabinet, 10.0 x 10.0 x 7.8 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart
$45,000.00 Payment Plan Available
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A single massive and very deeply colored fluorite crystal, of what you could charitably call "unusual size" for the location! However, it is more than just big: The color is incredibly saturated and rich, which is particularly uncommon in crystals of such size here. The color is definitely a more dark red-maroon than the typical pink and pinkish hues we normally associated with both Swiss and French material. In fact, the color is much more intense than Pakistani pink fluorites as well, which do get this size although not with such color, so it has to be among the world's larger examples of the color in this size range. Historically rare, more do turn up time to time (the glaciers recede due to climate change, which actually helps expose new finds every few years, it seems), but again they are generally more pink and of slightly different habit as well. This is an octahedron, of course, but it has interesting surface features that also differentiate it from other modern finds. At 881 grams (approx 2 pounds weight), it is dominating in a showcase. Note that this seems to be from a very old collection, and it was sent to the laboratory for cleaning to modern spec. It has two lateral repairs with minor epoxy fill at each line, though they are invisible to the naked eye and lock-fit tightly. When you see this properly lit in a showcase, it is like a searchlight coming out at you - it literally glows in the case, and was one of the prides of the collection.