Hematite on Quartz
Huanggang Mines, Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia A.R. China
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 7.1 x 7.0 cm
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Here is a very unusual specimen featuring a cluster of numerous Hematite rosettes accented by a pair of Quartz crystals, hailing from a strange older find at the Huanggang Mines in China. The piece is composed of tabular Hematite crystals to 3 cm that all have a secondary coating of very finely crystalline and sparkly Hematite that essentially cover the earlier generation of platy Hematite and part of the trio of accompanying Quartz crystals. The Hematite rosettes and clusters are reminiscent of the Baryte roses from Norman, Oklahoma in form. The Quartz crystals are 2.8 to 5.5 cm in length and are mostly, but not entirely covered by the fine Hematite so it reveals off-white patches that indicate the underlying Quartz is coated with a thin veneer of what might be a clay mineral. The bottom of the Quartz crystals where broken on the underside of the piece show that they are a smoky gray at their interior and the white clay? is just a very thin coating on the Quartz crystals. This is a very artistic, two-tone arrangement of Hematite and Quartz from China. It looks "soft." somehow, in person.