Smithsonite with Aurichalcite
Yanga Koubenza Quarries, M'Fouti, Bouenza Dept., Republic of the Congo
Cabinet, 12.0 x 6.1 x 3.9 cm

Breathtaking, richly saturated blue smithsonite with aurichalcite from the 2021 find at Yanga Koubenza, and surely one of the very finest of the discovery (which itself has to be the best smithsonite find in Africa in decades). This specimen displays many layers of mineralization, with a base layer of blue smithsonite, a dusting of micro-botryoids of aurichalcite on top of that, and a final layer of rich blue, lustrous, botryoidal smithsonite on top. About a third of the specimen lacks this upper layer of smithsonite, displaying the dense but thin aurichalcite coating with matte luster on top of the smithsonite below, providing wonderful contrast in luster and color tones. A choice specimen and the finest from our lot of high-graded examples, demonstrating the best qualities of the find and comparable to famous blue smithsonite finds at Kelly mine, New Mexico and Choix, Mexico.