Smithsonite with Aurichalcite
Yanga Koubenza Quarries, M'Fouti, Bouenza Dept., Republic of the Congo
Cabinet, 10.9 x 8.0 x 3.9 cm
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A fascinating specimen of lustrous, blue smithsonite crystals contrasted on aurichalcite from the novel 2021 finds at Yanga Koubenza in the Republic of Congo, which for the first time produced a few pockets of these exciting combination specimens. Numerous small botryoidal smithsonite crystals up to 6 mm are aesthetically arranged on a thin coating of aurichalcite that appears to have grown on top of a layer of colorless/grey botryoidal smithsonite underneath, which one can see when observing the specimen from the side. These specimens are quite reminiscent of the famed smithsonite and aurichalcite combinations from the Kelly mine in New Mexico and represent some of the best from the new finds. This is one of the best, of hundreds, showing both species together.