Zoisite var. Pink Tanzanite
Merelani Mines, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Thumbnail, 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.4 cm

Pink tanzanite is the rarest of colors for this amazing one-locality material, itself technically a species of Zoisite (although everybody just calls them after the gem trade name, Tanzanite). This stunning gem crystal has intense color, glassy luster, and a simply ridiculously sharp termination. It looks machined in every way, including the subtle surface details. I would rank it among the finer thumbnails of the species, period - for any color. It is perfect and pristine. In just the right angle of light, there is an extra bonus, a rainbow inside. This came out, I believe, around 2015-2016 and was in a private thumbnail collection until 2019. For the combination of shape, size, color, it is simply one of the most visually impressive gem crystal thumbnails we have had, of any species. These are so rare, I have seen not even ten good ones in the last 30 years.