Clinoclase with Cornubite
Tin Stope, Majuba Hill Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada, USA
Cabinet, 9.4 x 6.3 x 3.2 cm
Ex. Robert E. Reynolds

A contrasting and colorful piece of Clinoclase on Cornubite from the Majuba Hill Mine in Nevada, quite unusual for size and color contrasts both. Clinoclase from the USA is far less known than the specimens from Cornwall, England and it's not common to find great pieces like this available for sale. Rich, dark blue, sparkling crystals of Clinoclase are clustered and isolated on bright green patches of micro-botryoidal Cornubite on a light colored and contrasting matrix laced with Chrysocolla. The Clino crystals are in bladed clusters and secluded individuals from 1 mm or less up to 3 mm and some of the dense clusters are over 1 cm across. The underlying, almost painted-looking swaths of Cornubite provides a perfect backdrop for the Clinoclase. The colors on this piece just pop and the glistening Clinoclase crystals are striking. Ex. Robert Reynolds collection with a Mark & Jeanette Rogers label from the 1980s.