Turquoise ps. after fossil rodent tooth
Negeib, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 7.4 x 2.2 x 0.9 cm
Ex. Richard Hauck
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This is just a crazy and unique form of Turquoise that is a replacement of a fossil tooth from Namibia! It appears to be a rodent's gnawing tooth that is three inches in length and nearly an inch wide with a very distinct crown and root. It displays a turquoise green-blue color for the length of the crystal on the front and sides with streaky brownish mottling locally that is more apparent on the back. It is completely, not only partially, replaced. This is a fascinating pseudomorph replacement seen in several other turquoise deposits around the world, although rarely. However, those other locations (such as in Nevada and Austria most significantly) do not produce BIG fossils. These are huge compared to any others we had seen. In the Richard Hauck collection since the 1960s, until now. He obtained it in an older collection he purchased, whose former owner bought it from Ward's, in the earlier 1900s. This will be an attractive and interesting conversation piece in your display case as a talking point of interest for any viewer, I am sure! A very unique form of Turquoise!

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