Zhushan Co., Shiyan, Hubei Province, China
Large Cabinet, 15.0 x 11.7 x 7.9 cm
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Very attractive, natural-shaped but lightly-polished, "nugget" of Turquoise from Zhushan - very near to Wuhan in China's Hubei Province. The color is a pleasing greenish-blue, and the flowing, free-form nature of the piece is reminiscent of a sculpture. Fine aesthetics for this large cabinet specimen! Such specimens are usually, almost always in fact, ground up into powder to mix with glue and plastic and filler, to make composite beads and jewelry out of real turquoise powder from destroying these natural works of art. A tragedy! I buy these from a source in the town, who saves nice shapes for me from being cut into jewelry material. VERY few good, evenly colored pieces of this size can be had. Truly a unique addition to a collection of Chinese or copper minerals! Again, note that the shape is natural but the piece has been lightly polished. Comes with a lucite base for ease of display. 630 grams, or just under 2 pounds of lapidary grade turquoise.