Milarite (huge crystal)
Jaquaracu pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Miniature, 2.9 x 1.9 x 1.2 cm

Milarite is a rare hydrated potassium-calcium-aluminum-beryllium silicate that is found in select granitic pegmatites. This stunning speimen is actually composed of two crystals in parallel growth and they are accompanied by two small sidecar crystals at the base. The crystals have a soft yellow color and good luster with terminations that are sharp and gemmy, especially the top of the prominent crystal that displays 6 mm of gemminess! At nearly 3 cm, this Milarite is a very respectable size for the species and certainly has great composition and has no damage, only contacting at the base where it was removed from the pegmatite pocket. This is a significant Brazilian piece, with the best-known Milarites coming from both Brazil and the Alps. Superb, from a one-time find at the Jaguaracu Pegmatite, now famous for this species. It is simply of high quality, great condition, and subtle beauty with the large size as a bonus which you normally do not see together for this species. One of the most significant rare species thumbnails we have at the moment, this has a special color and geometry that make it stand out. From the rarity suite of the Martin Jensen thumbnail collection, although it was jammed diagonally into a box and will not actually display as a thumbnail. Vertically, it is too tall, and so is more properly a small miniature of this insanely rare and interesting species.