Franklinite with Calcite and Zincite
Cabinet, 14.3 x 9.6 x 8.5 cm
Sterling Hill, Franklin mining district, Sussex Co., New Jersey, USA
Ex. Chester Lemanski; M. S. Leger
A large matrix combination specimen from the historic zinc deposit at Franklin, New Jersey, featuring an imposing Franklinite crystal associated with Calcite and Zincite in a balanced matrix. The profound and unusually sharp crystal measures 7.5 cm on its longest edge and is about 70% exposed in its matrix of coarsely crystalline white Calcite and red-orange masses of Zincite to 4.5 cm. Portions of other large Franklinite crystals are also present along with numerous smaller crystals of the mineral heavily disseminated in the matrix. Under short wave UV, the Calcite fluoresces its strong red as expected from here; and very thin stringers of vibrant green Willemite are revealed under UV that can't be seen in standard room lighting! An impressive and well composed piece from this famous locality. Ex. Chester Lemanski and M. S. Leger collections, via John Cianciulli collection in 1987 to Lemanski and there ever since. This is a SIGNIFICANT display specimen.