Francevillite and Mounanaite (type locality for both species)
Mounana Mine, Franceville, Mpassa, Haut-Ogooue, Gabon (type locality)
Cabinet, 10.9 x 7.5 x 1.7 cm
Ex. Robert E. Reynolds

A rich small cabinet-sized specimen of Francevillite and Mounanaite that is incredible for both its aesthetic and scientific qualities, from the best locality for the species and the type locality for both. This piece features a background of brownish Mounanaite micro-crystal clusters that are more prominent in the more open areas between the richly clustered bright orange-yellow Francevillite. The rosettes of Francevillite are composed of tightly clustered. bladed crystals averaging a few millimeters in size. Tiny brownish red crystals of Mounanaite are moderately abundant and rich in the gaps between the Francevillite rosettes. What looks to be powdery microcrystals of orangey-yellow Curienite are in association with the Francevillite locally. This mine closed in 1999 after 40 years of production, and this is, for quality if not size, pretty much as good as the mineral gets. Bideaux Minerals label (circa 1970s-80s).