Chervetite (Type Locality)
Mounana Mine, Franceville, Haut-Ogooue Province, Gabon
Small Cabinet, 7.1 x 5.6 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Francesco Bedogne
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An important and rich specimen of this very rare species! Numerous flattened, prismatic crystals of chervetite densely cover a portion of matrix in this exceptional specimen for the species from the type locality at Mounana, Gabon. Chervetite is a rare lead vanadate found at only a handful of localities worldwide and the now closed uranium deposits at Mounana were known for a variety of rare vanadium and uranium minerals. The pale olive-green crystals are lustrous and up to 1.3 cm in length (which is very large for this rare mineral) and are mostly in flattened, complete to partial, two-dimensional crystal sprays that developed as a fracture filling. Ex. Dr. Francesco Bedogne collection with label and an A. L. McGuiness label. A superb rarity. Minor orange Francevilleite is in association.