Calcite with Manganese Dendrite Inclusions
Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 2.3 x 2.0 cm
Ex. Dr. Stephen Smale

This is a sensational Calcite single crystal "gem" from China that just radiates aesthetics! The Calcite is lustrous, shockingly water-clear and is dominated by prism faces with shallow, rhombohedral terminal faces. Interior to the Calcite crystal at its base is a billowing inclusion for fantastic contrast and the ultimate in overall composition. There is a lot of good Calcite that originates from China but this is a particularly exquisite piece from a famous pocket found in 2005-2006! Steve Smale collection. It is literally a jewel, the highest optical quality you can ask for in a transparent mineral crystal species, and sparkles like one in a case.

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