Twin Creeks Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada, USA
Miniature, 5.1 x 4.2 x 3.9 cm

A really fine, competitive miniature Orpiment cluster from the famed Cut 62 at the Twin Creeks Mine, Nevada, in 1999. These shocking orange Orpiment crystals all have great luster and transparency with good form and sharp edges; all great attributes from this now famous discovery during the course of gold mining at Twin Creeks. This piece is so beautiful and so colorful its hard to believe Orpiment is a sulfide mineral! These Orpiment crystals are so gemmy and transparent one can almost read through the larger crystal with the only challenge being the vibrant orange color. The largest crystal is 1.7cm in length and the other crystals comprising the cluster are also sizable. There is some minor bruising along the edges resulting in the yellowish color in these areas. Although more stable than Realgar, these are best stored away from prolonged direct or indirect sunlight. Mounted on an acrylic base.

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