N'Chwaning III Mine, Kalahari manganese Field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Thumbnail, 2.1 x 1.6 x 0.9 cm
Ex. Marshall Sussman
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Found in only eleven localities worldwide, Despujolsite is a very rare hydrated calcium manganese sulfate. However, they were only found as such incredible specimens ONCE in one pocket in South Africa, now at least 5-6 years ago. These are spectacular for a unique color, anything else aside! These crystals have the typical, and intense, yellow-green color, with very good translucense and luster. The Despujolsites range in size up to about 5 mm, which is not insignificant for the species. Collected in the summer of 2010, this rare matrix specimen was part of a famous pocket that was collected and sold to Marshall Sussman at the time (this was a rare matrix thumbnail, which he had kept at the time the rest were sold).