Small Cabinet, 5.9 x 3.2 x 1.1 cm
Chino Mine, Santa Rita, Santa Rita District, Grant Co., New Mexico, USA
Ex. Kay Robertson
A wonderfully crystallized and sculptural Copper specimen from the famous Chino Mine in New Mexico. This small cab is rife with excellent, spinel twin Coppers, the habit for which Chino is noted. The patina is gorgeous, and this artistic Copper looks great from either side. You will seldom see a Santa Rita Copper of this style and quality, and the main spine of Copper looks like a Native American spear decorated with feathers. One of my favorite Coppers from this famous mine, it is aesthetic any way you look at it. Per Carey McWilliams in his 1949 book, “North From Mexico”: “The Santa Rita is, perhaps, the most famous mine in Western America, for it was here that the techniques of copper mining were first developed in the Southwest.”