Blue Tourmaline var. Indicolite
Ladhak, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Cabinet, 10.5 x 5.0 x 4.5 cm
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Weighing a hefty 419 grams, this lustrous and translucent, light blue-green crystal is cabinet sized, and from one of the most rare localities! This elbaite crystal exhibits low-angle bipyramidal faces at the termination, rare from Pakistan in general but typical of this pocket of blue tourmaline from across the border in India. A large, remarkable elbaite crystal from a small old find! These were brought out around 2004, if I recall correctly, and mostly through only one dealer who seems to have gotten the lucky find. I have only seen perhaps 3 turn up on the resale market in the time since they came out, and they are certainly unique specimens for tourmaline collectors, so there is no reason to sell in most cases by those who have them. This is a particularly large and fine crystal, weighing in at approximately a pound! These mostly got sold privately and disappeared - Only one other example is shown in Mindat, here:

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