Merelani Mine, Arusha Mine, Tanzania
Miniature, 4.3 x 2.1 x 1.8 cm
Ex. Mark Saltzgaber

A fine miniature tanzanite with unusually glassy faces and a superb, fancy termination! This beautifully formed, glassy and gemmy tanzanite crystal exhibits superb, parallel growth as well as displaying all three of the classic trichroic colors: purple, blue and red along the C axis. This proves it was not heated, and the colors are all natural. Even in the photos, you can see reddish tones from the c axis, overlapping into the a and b axes as you display it - a clear sign of natural coloration in this material. In fact, when backlit to show the rich purple color, the bottom half of the crystal is unusual tones of orangey-yellow, as further proof of the natural coloration (varied color is natural whereas the hot standard blue color can be obtained by heat treatment in gem labs). The weight is 195 carats. ex. Mark Saltzgaber collection.