Amethyst with Hematite & Crocidolite inclusions
Goboboseb Mtns., Erongo, Namibia
Cabinet, 16.0 x 5.4 x 3.9
Ex. Charlie Key; Marshall Sussman; Rick Hottel

This is a brilliantly lustrous quartz cluster with bright inclusions of hematite and crocidolite, amethyst caused by minute iron inclusions, and other subtle zoning effects. It shows off three crystals with incredibly sharp terminations that pop up and out, 3-dimensionally (better in person! this is hard to convey!). It has no repairs and no damage to any of the main crystals. Few large clusters of such fine crystals came out of this region in its heyday, and this is an exceptional specimen from the old Charlie Key quartz collection, which he built over the life of this find, from start to about 2005. He then sold the collection to Marshall Sussman, and this came out as a duplicate to quartz collector Rick Hottel, who owned it for nearly a decade. The photos are very clear, about the quality of the piece - but it is even better in person for clarity, sparkle, and the complexity of the internal growths. A good provenance is simply a bonus, here.