Thumbnail, 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.7 cm
Topaz Mountain, Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA
Ex. Kay Robertson

An intricate, mesmerizing Hematite thumbnail, not only for the location but the sheer quality of the specimen. The main body is super-finely crystallized and elongated, almost stringy, tiny Hematites, to the tune of hundreds upon hundreds en masse one atop the other. These Hematites are festooned with dozens of beautiful and hexagonal Hematite blades that have superb form and mirror-like luster. The groupings of these blades, rather than them being evenly distributed, actually adds quite a bit of visual interest and somehow has negative spaces which look like empty casts of hexagons, as well. It is simply more and more complex, the closer you look, and a special piece. ex Willard "Perky Box" Perkin collection, with label.