Husky Mine, Elsa, Mayo Mining District, Yukon, Canada
Thumbnail, 1.0 x 0.9 x 0.5 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson
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One of those storied classics, the find of these is legendary now: collected quickly and tossed in a coffee can to carry out, this is from Joe Weinholtzner's storied 1977 find at the remote Husky mine. This very fine Polybasite thumbnail has all you could ask for in a specimen of this silver species. The piece is composed of sharp, hexagonal, bladed crystals with bright metallic luster. They have great form with attractive hexagonal overgrowths on the faces, and blue iridescence. The mine is defunct and, despite attempts, no more have been found here in decades. As a result, Polybasite crystals are very scarce and always in demand. This thumbnail is aesthetic and well-balanced.