Rhodochrosite, Tetrahedrite, Fluorite
Tetrahedrite Stope, Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Park Co., Colorado, USA
Large Cabinet, 16.3 x 9.7 x 6.1 cm
The size and coverage of this rhodochrosite make it have huge impact in a case and you can see it from ACROSS THE ROOM. It is not just "red," but it is "cherry red, with luster" way beyond average in each of those important qualities, and with crystals to an inch. Specimens of this size, without damage or repairs, are few and far between on the market - even at the time they came out. This would date to the late 1990s heyday here. Today, each new collector or up and coming collector wants a major rhodochrosite, but generally the only truly fine quality specimens on the market are small. This is a beast, and just dominates a display case. Minor fluorite and tetrahedrite are a welcome accent, and it is also worth pointing out that for a large "plate" style of specimen, this has an unusually well-trimmed horizon line and excellent separation of the extremely sharp crystals. I exchanged this from an old collection. It was not even for public sale when newly mined. Price on Request. Comes with custom lucite base. Photo and video by Joe Budd. A video can be seen at this link: