Rhodochrosite on Quartz and Tetrahedrite
Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County, Colorado, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.3 x 6.4 x 5.7 cm
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Nestled aesthetically in a shallow quartz vug are lustrous and translucent rhombs of CHERRY-red rhodochrosite, highlighted by a crystal 2.4 cm across. This is a crystal over one inch of the best color - not rose or strawberry colored, but a real cherry-red. It has a sharp form and has no restoration or repair, as so many in this size do. Small crystals of colorless quartz and sulfides add contrast to the major crystal, which sits so perfectly in its well-trimmed matrix! This is a major Sweet Home rhodo by any standards for a small cabinet specimen, and would date from the tetrahedrite stope mining in this mine, in the late 1990s. Such specimens are simply not available with all the attributes this piece has of aesthetics, condition, color, and luster - most fail in one or more. Competitive level, and very rare on the market today all these years later.