Big Fish River, Dawson Mining District, Yukon, Canada
Thumbnail, 2.8 x 1.9 x 1.0 cm
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Thumbnail with several colorless to white, translucent to transparent, tabular, complete to partial crystals of bobdownsite to 1.0cm with excellent pearlescent to vitreous luster. As a bonus, there are several dark, teal blue clusters of kulanite up to 1.5mm on the piece. This is part of a lot of bobdownsite specimens found by Rod Tyson at a "private location" in 2005, subsequently characterized and approved in 2008 as a new species after first being sold as whitlockite.

Per mindat.org: Described as a new mineral in 2008, as the F-dominant analogue of whitlockite.
Later, in 2018, it was discredited because it was showed that it does not contain F, which was its distinguishing characteristic as a new mineral.
F-free bobdownsite is equivalent to the mineral whitlockite, although the phase probably lies along the whitlockite-merrillite join (IMA-17E).