Amazonite on Albite with Smoky Quartz
Large Cabinet, 34.5 x 20.0 x 16.0 cm
Icon Pocket, Smoky Hawk claim, Crystal Peak area, Teller Co., Colorado, USA
This dramatic, large cabinet piece is to my mind a future "icon" of American minerals. Most people are familiar with the exceptional contemporary combinations of smoky quartz and amazonite being found yearly by the hard-working Dorris family as shown on the Weather Channel TV show, Prospectors. Some of their finds exceed all previous examples of the classic smoky & amazonite combination, such as one that sold recently for near seven figures to the Denver Museum. Nevertheless, these combination pieces are available in one flavor or another, and more have been found yearly. The aptly named "Icon Pocket," shown being collected on TV in the 2015 season of the show, is something else entirely, with unique pieces of large blue amazonite of the ideal color perched dramatically on expanses of white cleavelandite (albite) matrix instead of on the usual nest of rocky matrix of quartz. This particular specimen was the biggest piece of the pocket, and I was stunned when I saw it, about to be presented for sale at the 2016 Tucson show. (I literally had the accidental luck to see it first, as I walked by her while the gigantic piece was being carried by Krystle Dorris from the back of their car in an open flat (which it fills!) into their selling room on setup day.) The specimen shows vertically or horiztonally, and has tremendous visual impact with the startling contrasts of both color and geometry. Amazonite crystals exceed 5 inches. It can be seen from across the room (or in my case, from across a parking lot when it caught my eye!). As with all such specimens from these claims, it has repairs and restorations which I deem acceptable when they are legitimate to the piece and well-done. "Prospector" Tim Dorris himself did the work on this one, as on others from this important pocket. I would even go so far as to say that this is probably the most important pocket in terms of quality found since the Tree Root Pocket in the late 1990s. The fact that it was filmed while being collected, is an extra bonus so that people can understand the incredible rarity and the hard work that goes into extracting, preparing, and presenting such treasures from the ground. This is actually the only major Amazonite specimen I have personally bought in many years, as I felt it stood so far above the crowd. Comes with custom lucite base. Joe Budd photo.