Zunyite (superb xls from best of species find)
Electric Meatball claim, Dome Rock Mts., La Paz Co., Arizona, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 5.0 x 4.0 cm
Ex. Les Presmyk
This is truly an amazing specimen of zunyite! Vitreous, translucent, tetrahedral crystals from 2 to 8mm on edge present as both very pale pinkish and gray-blue crystals with the two color types separated from each other on the "talc" matrix. These are large, lustrous, exceptional crystals for the species from this well-known, yet unique occurrence from an erratic boulder in a farmer's field. If the piece isn't distinctive enough in white light, short wave UV reveals the pale set of zunyite crystals to fluoresce a bright orange-pink and the translucent edges of the gray crystals emanate a dark pink glow! Very minor damage on a few crystals. Ex. Les and Paula Presmyk collection which is arguably one of the top three systematic collections of Arizona material in the country. This piece was collected from the famous "Electric Meatball," an erratic boulder found literally in a farm field by collectors Jim and Mary Walker, back in the 1980s sometime. They never found the source deposit, of this lone boulder sitting isolated in a field. It was only luck that they took a break there and started chipping at it. Very few were found, and no more were ever collected. Specimens turn up very rarely. I was thrilled to get to exchange this from their collection as a duplicate. Most collectors regard crystals from this single erratic find as best of species.