Electric Meatball boulder, Dome Rock Mts, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 4.1 x 3.8 cm
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Numerous zunyite crystals cascade right down the center of this piece making for an attractive specimen. The zunyite crystals display prominently and the 1 to 5mm, tan, pyramidal crystals are only slightly clustered and reveal their form well on the subtly contrasting off-white background. Good crystals are also found on the side of this piece. Specimens of this quality seldom turn up today. A foliated "talc"-quartz matrix is host to these fine crystals. Discovered in an erratic boulder sitting in a farm field, by mineral dealers Jim and Mary Walker in the early 80's as they hiked to another locality. This single productive boulder has not been traceable to its origins in the nearby mountains, or duplicated in 30 years since. These numerous, sharp, interesting crystals are truly a treasure for the serious collector. (Note: I was lucky and found one old specimen from their find in a friend's collection, which when broken open revealed these pockets inside - it had never been prepped, since the day it was collected).