Forsterite Var. Peridot
St. John's Island (Zebirget), now under the Red Sea, Egypt
Thumbnail, 2.1 x 1.9 x 1.3 cm
Ex. Lawrence H. Conklin
A very rare, fat, transparent gem crystal of peridot from the original famous locality dating back to ancient Egyptian times. The "emeralds" of Cleopatra were actually peridot from this locality, as surely were some other "emeralds" of the biblical and Roman eras. Now, the mine is underwater and specimens only turn up from old museum collections. The color is a characteristic lime-green with a hint of yellow compared to Pakistani peridot, and the habit here is typical of the old style. Ex Eugene Carmichael and Larry Conklin Collections. 40 carats in weight - this is a FULL thumbnail and a superb example of a truly "antique" classic, worthy of a competition exhibit in gem thumbnails.